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Take A Walk

This is Coach Bronner, and I'm taking a walk along the RiverWalk in Columbus Georgia. It's a beautiful trail that goes for miles, and miles, and miles. And I'm going to take a hour and 15 minute walk in one direction then I will turn around walk an hour and 15 minutes back for a two and a half hour walk. Thats just a leisurely stroll through nature. Sometimes you don't need the fancy stuff, and all of the gadgets of the world, Sometimes it's just good to just get out in nature, take a scroll, take it easy, and take some deep breaths. Just relax and leave all of the cares and the situations of the world behind. This is Coach Bronner. Taking a walk. And perhaps you need to do the same thing. It's absolutely free. You can walk anywhere in the world. Sometimes it just helps to just take a scroll.

Relationship Decisions

This is Coach Bronner with the principle for today. If you base your life on the principle "I want to have a happy married relationship," 99% of your decisions are already made. You don't have to make a decisions about whether or not you're going to be unfaithful to your husband, or unfaithful to your wife. 99% of those decisions are already made. When you make a decision that you're going to have a happy productive relationship, you already know, you have to spend some time, you have to spend some focus, you have to spend some love, and some energy on your partner. You already know that. You cannot say, "Well I'm going to be mean to them, I'm not going to consider them, I'm going to be selfish." When you base your life on principles 99% of your decisions are already made. This is Coach Bronner. I'll see you tomorrow.

Good Hair Day

I just finished a 5 mile run in blistering heat and to be honest about it, my hair is not in the best form. But, this is a good hair day. We're concerned about superficial things, hair can often be an indicator of internal health, but that's not the reason most of us spend so much time on it. We spend time, money and focus on external things just so other people can see what we look like instead of spending time on the truly important internal things that keep us healthy, and keep us strong. It's a good hair day. Yes it's grey, yes it's nappy, but it's there. Take care of your inside stop focusing so much on the outside, and watch how much better you life will become. This is Coach Bronner. I'll see you tomorrow. For another good hair day.


This is Coach Bronner. I am about to get ready to go across a bridge. Often in life we face bridges. We face decisions that are truly bridges in our life. And a bridge generally takes you over something that you cannot get over on your own without great difficulty. It takes us from one side to the other side. From a side of misery to a side of comfort. To get from a side of depression to a side of joy. These are bridges over some of the obstacles that we have faced. Some of the things that hold us back in our lives but we must cross the bridge. We have to recognize it, see it, walk up to it, and walk across that bridge. Get moving cross your bridge, to the better side. This is Coach Bronner. I'll see you tomorrow.


This is our third son Christain Bronner, who just finished 9th & 10th grade in high school. Christain made a goal that he would make all A's througout high school. In the 9th grade he had nothing but A's he just finished the 10th grade he has nothing but A's he has a perfect 4.0 GPA He made a goal and a declaration before he entered high school that he would make all A's and he's done it. And he has a higher goal that he shall attend an Ivy League college. When you make a goal, and you focus, and you state that goal specifically it increases your probability that you will reach your goal. Just like Christain you do the same thing. What do you really want? What have you stated, what have you written, and what are you targeting? State you goal and you will get it. This is Coach Bronner. I'll see you tomorrow.

Flocking With

There is a statement that you are the aggregate    of the five closest people you run with.    Who are you hanging with?  Who do you spend the most time with?    Whoever you are around, they influence you   and there is a tendency of every area    of your life to be just like theirs.  So who are you spending your time with,     your money, your relationships, your health,  your spirit, your happiness, and your joy,     everything that you are, often depends upon  who you hang around, because they influence you    and you influence them. You have a tendency to  have what they have, to think how    they think, and to go where they go.    So the question is, who are the five people   you're spending most of your time around?    And the bigger Question is....  Do you want your life to be like theirs?    If you don't, you might need to make a change,   because birds of a feather flock together    and they also go to the same destination.    Who are you running with? If the people around  you are not going where you want to go.     You need to change.    This is Coach Bronner.  I'll see you tomorrow.


This is Coach Bronner.  I am out in the wild and as you can see the    sign behind me says "Caution Alligator Habitat."  That means there may be some gators somewhere around.    Sometimes in life you do wander into  situations. You may even work or potentially    even live in a situation. Where you're dealing with  alligators, snakes, wolves and all kind of things not    necessarily on four legs, but on two legs.  And when you're dealing with situations where you have    to deal with potentially harmful creatures.  You need to, first of all, not be afraid, not be paranoid.    Walk with what I call a sense of heightened awareness.  And number two    you have to have a plan of action.  Whether that action is simply evasive action,     confrontation.....    "What was that? What was that?  What was that!?  A false alarm,     but you do need to be prepared, you need to be aware  and you don't need to be scared.

This Moment

Whatever you're doing right now, whatever you're in right now, This moment is not your life, understand that. Whether it's really, really good or really, really bad. This moment is not your life. This moment is not your life but how you handle it, how you view it becomes a pattern. It becomes a habit that can become your life. And this can make a tremendous difference in your happiness or depression. It's not this moment, it's how you handle this moment, and the next moment, and the next moment, and the next moment, and the next moment. That becomes you, so whatever is going on in your world right now, how are you handling it? Do you really see the joy? Do you really see the benefit? Do you really see the beauty? You see the good in it, that becomes your life. If you see the bad, that becomes your life. But it's not this moment, this moment is not your life. This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow.


In the movie, "King Arthur Legend of the Sword," the young king struggled with a magical sword 'Excalibur' and his guide told him this, "You are resisting the sword; the sword is not resisting you." How many of us have had things that have just been presented, doors that have been opened, but we refuse to walk through? The door is open; walk through it! What opportunities have you simply shut the door to? What opportunities are waiting for you right now? What opportunities stand to take you to another level? The door is open, walk through it. Stop resisting opportunity! We often resist the opportunity; the opportunities don't resist us. This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow.


"Today I walked in the rain, well, what do you mean you went walking in the rain? I went walking in the rain! It started raining, I was caught in it away so i just began walking in the rain and looking up and letting the rain hit my face. Most people view rain as a negative thing. They call it a rainy day. But, we need rain simply to live. If we did not have rain, there would be no crops. If we had no crops, the cows the chickens or none of the other animals could eat. We'd have no food. You have to realize, without rain we would die. Rain gives us life and the food that we need. But, often times when the rain falls we look at it as a negative in our lives. Sometimes you need to just look up and give thanks and walk in the rain and be thankful for the rain that falls into your life because you would not be who you were if it was not for the rain. Walking in the rain with the one you love. Walk in the rain, and just enjoy it." - Coach Bronner