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A Better Way In 60 Seconds A Day


"Today I walked in the rain, well, what do you mean you went walking in the rain? I went walking in the rain! It started raining, I was caught in it away so i just began walking in the rain and looking up and letting the rain hit my face. Most people view rain as a negative thing. They call it a rainy day. But, we need rain simply to live. If we did not have rain, there would be no crops. If we had no crops, the cows the chickens or none of the other animals could eat. We'd have no food. You have to realize, without rain we would die. Rain gives us life and the food that we need. But, often times when the rain falls we look at it as a negative in our lives. Sometimes you need to just look up and give thanks and walk in the rain and be thankful for the rain that falls into your life because you would not be who you were if it was not for the rain. Walking in the rain with the one you love. Walk in the rain, and just enjoy it." - Coach Bronner

Cold Hard Cash

Credit card debt is one of the biggest things that messes up   most American's finances.  You see, if you don't have a credit card you can't charge it up,   and you can't run up credit card debt, that a lot of companies   will charge you 25-26% of interest a year, which eats up your money.   Let me tell you how to fix that.  Take all of your credit cards, get you a big jug, fill it up with water  except for about 1" inch at the top.   Dump all of your credit cards in that jar of water.  Screw the top on, put it in your freezer and freeze it solid.  What this does is, keeps your money safe.   If you ever run into an emergency where you really need the card,  go get it, thaw it out; it will be ready in a few hours,  but you won't do it on an impulse. Freeze your money   into cold hard cash. It'll help your money tremendously,   and it will help you build some real  cold hard cash, instead of giving it all to the credit card company.  Freeze that and you'll have some frozen assets.  This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow.   

As They Are

Elias Beadle says, "Half of the work done in this world is to   make things appear as they are not."   When you really think about it, you'll see the truth of it.  Half of the work done in this world  is to disguise, to dress up, to camouflage, to exaggerate,  to make things look beautiful, and better than what they really are,   marketing! Don't fall for the hype.  The key to life is to be able to see things as they really are   and don't fall to the marketing hype.  See the real. See the truth.   And when you do that, it changes your level of happiness,  because you're not fooled by the illusion.  This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow. 

Financial Decisions

This is Coach Bronner with the principle for today. If you say, "I want to be financially secure," 99% of your financial decisions are already made. You cannot go out and buy a brand new car knowing that you can't afford the car note. You cannot go out and max out your credit card on stuff you really don't need just to impress somebody. When you make your life based on principles, 99% of your decisions are already made. You have to have a saving plan, you have to diligently spend and consciously save, and you have to eliminate waste and frivolous things. Thats why you have to have solid foundational principles. Whatever principles you have in your life, those principles will determine the decisions that you make in your life. This is Coach Bronner. I'll see you tomorrow.

In The Past

I use to live right here.    I mean right where I'm standing right now    Years ago I had a three bedroom two car garage  condo right on this spot    I sold it years ago, and since they tore it down  they're getting ready to build a new subdivision    I use to live right here   that use to be a phenomenal lake    But the point is it's gone now    This is the way some of the things in our lives are    They are gone now. Some relationships some things of the past  some stuff we used​ to own    my point is that  some times in life some of the things that you used    to have the things that you used​ to be  the things that you used​ to enjoy    they are gone    You've got to learn how to live in the present    and forget about the past   let it go      beautiful life,   but it's gone now    you've got to learn how to move on    and enjoy where you are    This is Coach Bronner    I'll see you tomorrow.

A Billion Dollars

What would you do with a billion dollars?    I actually asked someone that once,   they had said they wanted a billion.     I said,  “What would you do with a billion dollars?”      They had no idea beyond some basic stuff  They had really no idea. What would you do with a billion dollars?      Once people get pass the four C's of Castle,  Cars, Clothes, and Cruises      they really don't know what they would even do       with an excessive amount of money.      Let me give you a tip.      Start thinking now what you would do if you were really      blessed with a whole lot      when you gear your mind to how you would handle much      much then can be given to you.      When you find a couple of those things that you would do beyond      the four C's. Start doing some of it now      start doing some of the things that you would do with a whole lot      with the little that you have      start with just a $100 and do with that $100      what you would do with a billion      take the $100 that you have and start doing some of those things      that are beyonnd the four C's This is Coach Bronner I'll see you tomorrow.

The Busy Son

I was speaking once to a crowd      and I noticed out of the crowd that there   was a mother there with her small son.      and this little boy was just acting up.      I mean, he was just making all kinds of noise,  just moving, just fidgeting all around,      really kind of distracting.      Then all of a sudden I notice his mother,   she leans over to him      and she whispered something into his ear.      The little boy's posture   became stiff as a board,      he sat down, and was attentive   through the rest of my speech      the whole while. It was like a miracle!      After I got through speaking,   and people were coming up to shake my hand,      I went over to the mother, and I said,   "Excuse me ma'am,      I just have to ask, I saw your son,   I saw he was a little hyper,      I said, “What did you tell him to make   him sit so attentive      and so quiet the rest of my speech?"      and she says this.     She said I just told him,      “If he kept moving and making noise      and he distracted you     and made you lose your place      you were going to have to   start all over again.”

A Fools Warning

I often warn people when I see them going down the wrong track, but I've realized something, a warning to a fool is wasted. Sometimes you can see something so clearly, you explain it to people, you tell them, you logically show them, this is not the way you should do this. And still, they proceed on without giving a care in the world about it, because they want to do what they want to do. And they end up paying this terrific price and penalty for walking and running down the wrong path, and the wrong road. People, don't be a fool. Look at first of all, does the person who's trying to tell you something and warn you, do they really have your best interest at heart? And if they are, listen to them, and weigh out the options; look at it. Don't just throw the warning away, because you don't want to hear it and you want to do what you want to do. A warning to a fool is often wasted. Don't be a fool and pay that price. This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow.

Focus And Neglect

This is a simple principle That’ll help you through life: The areas of your focus are the areas of your reward The areas of your neglect will be the areas of your pain. Simple as that. You'll find this throughout life that whatever you focus on you happen to get benefit from you get reward from You'll often get compliments, and you'll see positive results in your life The flip side of that, whatever we ignore or neglect, these are the areas where you have problems, where you have pain, where you have major issues, complications, and eventually your regrets. So if you’re having problems, think about where do I spend my time, my energy, my focus, and where do I neglect things? The areas of your focus are the areas of your reward The areas of your neglect are the areas of your pain. This is Coach Bronner I'll see you tomorrow.

Winning Teams Prepare

A friend of mines Alphonso Woods in St. Petersburg Florida contacted me about a proposal they had just won with a big city contract. The company was called VHB. They're a big company, but yet they prepared. It was no accident The proposal was only 20 minutes, but yet they spent two days working on it. This is what he told me Winning Teams Prepare! Winning Teams Prepare! Anytime you see someone who wins they have spent some time in preparation for that victory, and my question to you is this? "What are you preparing for?" You don't get what you want, you don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for and what you prepare for. What are you preparing for? Because as AlPhonso says, "Winning Teams Prepare!" This is Coach Bronner! I'll see you tomorrow.